Meet some of Better with Doodles adopted families. We are so thankful that their experience with us went well and Better with Doodles strives to give this experience to each and every family the same experience. CLICK HERE to go to the puppy application.

Couldn’t ask for a better Doodle breeder!

Peyton was dog #3 to be added to our little family and she has been an absolute JOY! She is SO very entertaining, and truly the missing puzzle piece we didn’t know we needed. We’ve enjoyed working with Life is Better with Doodles throughout all of this transitioning process. They have created a community of doodle lovers and they truly care about each and every pup. Truly couldn’t ask for a better doodle breeder!
Pup Mom To Peyton

Misty is so sweet and helpful!

Our son, Logan, wanted a doodle after we went to visit his cousin for Thanksgiving and played with their doodle. So we decided to get him one for Christmas. We found Life is Better with Doodles and contacted Misty Green. She was so sweet and helpful, and let us come for multiple visits to meet the puppies. Angel has been such a wonderful addition to our family. She and Logan play for hours every afternoon. She loves to go on walks and LOVES the water! She is the sweetest, most loving dog. We highly recommend Life is Better with Doodles, our experience has been an amazing one❤️
Pup Mom To Angel

They truly care for the well-being of their puppies!

Our family got our first doodle from Life is Better with Doodles in December, and fell so in love, we are now waiting to bring our second home! Throughout the entire process, the communication has been wonderful, and Misty met with us to understand our family needs to ensure we made an informed decision. The socialization training the puppies receive starting a few days after they were born is amazing. We often get compliments on how sweet our puppy is. An added bonus is that the relationship with Life is Better with Doodles isn’t done when you take your puppy home. They truly care for the well-being of their puppies long after they’ve gone home, which is why we are repeat clients!
Sara Nixon
Pup Mom To Annie

Would Recommend Misty Green to anyone!

We never thought we would purchase a dog from a breeder until we met Misty Green. Her love and care for the puppies and the puppy’s parents is so apparent and made us feel so comfortable through the entire process. We are so happy we found her and would recommend her to anyone! (Which we already have 😂)

Chris & Marissa
Pup Parents To Teddie

Great ethical and compassionate standards!

We are loving our Kaia so much, and it has been incredible to see how many families and furry friends that you have placed together. Truly remarkable. There are so many people who don’t raise puppies to your ethical and compassionate standards. It’s a privilege to have met you and been in your midst.

Pup Mom to Kaia

They are not just breeders, they are dog lovers!

Life is Better with Doodles are not just breeders, they are dog lovers. My doodle came to me at 8 weeks already well socialized with a potty routine. Our Hershey is a year old and such a great addition to our large family!

Shanieka Myles
Pup Mom to Hershey

Misty was very responsive and answered all of our questions!

We had been searching for an ethical Goldendoodle breeder and were struggling to find one in our budget as well as one who would promptly get back with us. Misty was very responsive and answered all of our questions. She even invited us to see the puppies in her home before we picked! Harper has been the perfect addition to our family. She is playful, affectionate and loves to do anything as long as we’re all together! Her early puppy training has been so evident as well! We can’t imagine life without her!
Pup Mom to Harper

 happy to call Life is Better with Doodles family!

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t tell my fur baby “You’re such a good boy.” My good boy is Jax Ezekiel Castro. He just turned a year old and I can’t express how much love, joy, and excitement he has brought to my life this past year. Jax never meets a stranger and I give all of the credit to Misty Green and all of her socialization and puppy training she does prior to her puppies coming home, under the guidance of a professional dog trainer. I saw firsthand the efforts and love she puts into each and every one of her puppies. I love that the breeding is done in her home and is very personable. I am happy to call Life is Better with Doodles family & will never get another baby from any other breeder.
Pup Mom to Jax

We love our pups and are so glad they joined our family!

Our family of five was ready to add two puppies after losing our beloved family pets to old age. Sarge and Poppy are two days apart from two different litters. They are the best of friends and my kids’ best friends. They enjoy separate playtime with each of our children. Sarge loves to snuggle and is always giving hugs (yes, actual hugs). Poppy loves to play ball and smile! We love our pups and are so glad they joined our family.
Pup Mom to Poppy & Sarge

THE BEST breeder we’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with!

Life is Better with Doodles is by far THE BEST breeder we’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Not only are the dogs amazing & have perfect temperaments, this breeder is clean and organized & truly takes pride in their animals. When you visit the puppies, your hands are washed beforehand and your shoes are removed before entering where the puppies are kept. They come home trained to sit before getting a treat and pretty much puppy pad potty trained. We highly recommend Life is Better with Doodles & will definitely use them for our future puppy plans.
Pup Mom to Holly Jo

Life is better with doodles is amazing!

Life is Better with Doodles is amazing! The training included and socialization really helps at the most precious time in a puppies life. We are so blessed to have our Pixie and she brings so much joy to our family.

Pup Mom to Pixie

I can’t say enough good things about Life is better with Doodles!

We’ve never had any experience before with a breeder but I can’t say enough good things about Life is better with Doodles. Misty has been great through the whole process answering any questions that we had ad still have. It was a huge plus the socialization that Jack began at just 3 days old. It was such a positive experience and I will recommend Life is better with Doodles to everyone!
Pup Mom to Jack

Princeton made our family complete!

Princeton made our family complete! He loves to play with our girls, go on long walks, see the horses, and follow momma around! He is such a sweet boy and loves to be right in the middle of whatever we are doing! He is my number one walking buddy and loves to give me hugs every morning before I let him out to potty! Even though he has a sweet demeanor, he isn’t afraid to use his voice when someone comes to the door! We love our Princeton….aka Big Boy, Boss Dog, Bubba 💙 🐾
Pup Mom to Bubba

Thank you Misty for for all the training!

Oliver or as he is better known “Ollie” or “Ollie Waffles” at home is almost 7 months old and closing in on 50lbs but we have a feeling he will always be a lapdog. He has no idea how big he is! He must always have some part of his body touching some part of one of us at all times; he cannot get close enough! We were so surprised how well he was already trained when we brought him home. (Thank you Misty’s) He was the easiest puppy to potty train and with continued puppy classes he has mastered come, sit, shake, high five, lay down, leave it, and give kisses! He loves playing with other dogs and is always super excited to meet any new humans! It is hard to remember life before this dood and we still always think “HE’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE”!
Pup Mom to Ollie

Misty goes above and beyond for her puppies!

We came across one of Misty’s litters not looking for a puppy but falling in love instantaneously after meeting them! I saw how Misty and her family loved, adored, and cared for these sweet puppies firsthand! She goes above and beyond to prepare these gorgeous pups for their forever homes! She is picky about the future owners and rightly so! These puppies are all her babies and she wants nothing but the best for them! We ended up with Boomer Bear who is one of Ryder and Sadie’s puppies. He was one of the biggest in the litter! We call him our gentle giant. He has the best temperament out of any dog I’ve owned or met! My husband swears he is part human!! He is my little sidekick and rides in the car with me shotgun every chance he gets! He is great with our 2 girls and naps with them, on them, and wakes them up every morning! He’s the little boy we never had and we couldn’t love him more! I recommend Misty to anyone who falls in love with Boomer and says they want one as well! In fact, my parents are next in line for a pup in a future litter early next year! Can’t wait to meet her!
Pup Mom to Boomer Bear

We’re already planning to adopt another doodle from Misty!

Bilbo has brought so much joy to our family. I thought I was a girl dog mamma, but Bilbo moved me over to the boys!! He is so affectionate and loves each of us equally. We plan to add another doodle from Life is Better with Doodles in the near future. Thank you for our baby😘
Pup Mom to Bilbo

Thank you Life is better with doodles for my sweet baby girl!

Life is Better with Doodles has been such a blessing in my life. I struggle with anxiety so before I moved off to college I needed something to help ease this feeling. Misty Green and Misty Mills came to my aid and guided me through the process of finding the perfect puppy that would be the best fit as an emotional support animal. After weeks of visiting the puppies and evaluation, I chose Presley and can say it has been the best decision. I have life is better with doodles to thank for my sweet baby girl!
Pup Mom to Prestley

Misty is Absolutely the Best!

Would I recommend Life is Better with Doodles? 1000% yes! Our sweet, smart, loving, and gorgeous Rolo has absolutely brightened our lives. The training the dogs are given are hands down some of the best ever! Being introduced to sounds, water, and my favorite the green turf are just a start of it. I know he’s our son, but we truly were blessed with one of the best dogs ever! Misty is absolutely the best! She is part of our family! We believe in Life is Better with Doodles so much, we are awaiting our baby girl!
Crystal & Kasey
Pup Parents to Rolo

I got the perfect adventure buddy from Life is better with doodles!

Summie bear is my little black fur child that gratefully came into my life this year. He and I are making our way through college and I am so happy I have him by my side. He’s the perfect adventure buddy and I couldn’t imagine my life without him.
Pup Mom to Summit

educated me on all the different varieties and characteristics of doodles

I have never owned a doodle before now and life truly is better with a doodle! My Lola is the love of my life! I did tons of research on the different doodle breeds and different breeders in Texas when I came across Misty and Life is Better With Doodles. Not only do I have the smartest, most loving dog I’ve ever owned, but also the kindest, most knowledgeable breeder I could have hoped for. The entire process was so well organized. Misty invited me to come to meet the pregnant doodle moms to be and educated me on all the different varieties and characteristics of doodles and answered all of my endless questions. Who knew there were so many variations? I was very impressed with Misty, not only because of her knowledge but because she truly loves her doodles and what she does. She invited me to come visit again after the puppies were born and I was able to meet with her trainer that works with the puppies from birth until they’re ready to go to their new families and after if you choose. Misty also introduced me to a friend of hers, who is also a doodle mom, when I needed to make a quick trip out of town and needed to find a pet sitter. She was also very knowledgeable and loving and I’ll never leave my baby with anyone else except her. Misty has actually come and visited me and Lola at work and we all enjoyed the visit! Lola definitely remembered Misty and her daughter and was so excited. I also love the fact that Misty set up a Facebook page for all the doodle parents by litter so that we can all communicate and share pictures, questions, and we have access to files of information on doodles from training to supplies and anything else you can think of. Misty has also always made herself available to answer questions as well. The whole experience has been a huge blessing and I’m so grateful that I was able to bring my baby into my family from Misty’s Life is Better With Doodles.
Pup Mom to Lola

Already Potty Trained!

We waited almost 7 years to get a new dog after the loss of a beloved shih tzu. I have never had a big dog before, but really liked the idea of a “sturdier” dog for my family with 2 small children. For my family, the best part of adopting a dog from ‘Life is better with Doodles’ was the personality assessment. Since the puppies had been working with a professional trainer since birth, the trainer was able to assess various traits that would be critical for a dog living with young children. For us, it was a dog with a low startle reflex and high tolerance for pain (aka hugs from a 4 year old). All of the dogs were precious, but having more insight into our dog’s personality made it easier to narrow down to 2 puppies. While we were debating, Bonnie demonstrated that she was already potty trained and we were “sold”. A family dog is a big decision. Working with the best of the best made the process easier for us to bring home the perfect dog for our family. I can’t remember our lives without Bonnie.
Pup Mom To Bonnie

Life is better with doodles goes beyond the average breeder!

I want to thank you for the beautiful puppy. You go far beyond the average breeder! The puppies are socialized and training is a huge plus. Thank you for a perfect puppy! I could not be happier.
Pup Mom to Ellie